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I have been teaching since 1999 where I held evening classes at the Queen Elizabeth Community College in Crediton. The classes were so oversubscribed that I ended up doing two nights a week just to accommodate the number of students! 


Over the years, I have been teaching on a professional basis covering Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset, in addition to hosting classes at my studio in Chudleigh. 

I have students who have been attending my classes from the very beginning and are now very accomplished jewellers in their own right. I find teaching so rewarding, it's just so lovely to see people learn new skills and delight in making pieces to a high standard that they can wear with pride. I’m constantly amazed by what they make and feel very proud of their achievements.

From March 2017 onwards, I have been teaching at my workshop studio in Chudleigh. where I run courses during the daytime, evenings and also day courses where students can come for the day and go home with a finished piece of silver Jewellery, either incorporating gold or gemstones.

To find out more about the tools, skills processes and techniques that you will use & learn, please click here.


Simply get in touch to book a course. 



Taster Sessions
Come along for two to three hours and learn to make a piece of jewellery for yourself, using traditional silversmithing skills. I have a great variety of lovely projects, including rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and pendants with many designs to choose from. Please see the gallery for inspiration which includes previous work by my students. Dates available throughout the year.

Silver Jewellery Stone Setting Workshop

Make a beautiful piece of jewellery from start to finish in three to four hours, including selecting your own gemstone. No experience necessary all tools, materials and equipment provided.

Day Course
This is a day designed for you to make a professional-looking piece of Jewellery from start to finish in one whole day. Absolutely no experience is necessary, just turn up and enjoy creating your first piece of traditionally made silver jewellery. The materials are included within the price and you will have a great choice of lovely gemstones to choose from. It's always the choice of the gemstones at the start of the projects that take the longest as it is a bit like being in a sweetie shop, they are all so lovely!

Six-Week Course (For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced)
Absolutely no experience is necessary and all tools and equipment are provided within a warm and welcoming environment. This is a course to introduce you to traditional jewellery making skills learning lots of different techniques and processes such as shaping, forging and bending, piercing, hammering, filing, soldering, polishing etc. In the six weeks, you will make at least two different projects, maybe even three if you have time. The materials are extra but at trade, price so very reasonable and not expensive.

The six weeks give you time to consolidate the skills that you learn as you go along. You will repeat certain processes along the way giving you a good grounding in all the basic and fundamental techniques needed to become an accomplished jeweller.

Each session is two and a half hours long which gives plenty of time to get creative and really see your projects come to life each week

The advanced projects can either be project led or your own designs and ideas. Courses can include multi stone set bangles, bracelets and rings. Lockets and necklaces featuring hinges. Claw settings, faceted stone settings and flush set stones.


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